Thursday, May 05, 2005

Decision 2005, The nation decides and makes it's decision.

I love the silence of election day. Under UK law there can be no further politicking, canvassing or shouting at tories. No fighting with John Prescott or attempting to install solar panels on the roofs of cabinet ministers. The anti-euro extremists in their old land rovers have pulled off the road. The Liberal Democrats have blown their chances for another generation.
It's time to rest, time to reflect, time to suck it up and vote Labour.
I spoke briefly with my mum last night. I tried to get her to vote Liberal Democrat as a route to destroying the Conservatives in her constituency.
"Oh no, I like Blair and anyway, I'll not be told how to vote by someone who doesn't even live here anymore"( I could feel a lecture about eating vegetables coming along)
I think i heard father in the background muttering bad things about Michael Howard. I think i heard him muttering " but I like the Iraq war".
What ever way the delightfully insane of Norfolk South vote, I shall be home by 5pm and tuned into CSpan2 for full BBC coverage of tonight's results. If you've never watched a UK election you could do worse than check it out for an hour. If you think Dan Rather's wit is as risque as it gets you should definately watch.
Just a couple of soundbites from previous coverage.
Anchor: (interviewing a defeated MP) "ready to drink hemlock yet?"
Same anchor, different election "Did you lie?" (repeated 14, that's FOURTEEN times)
Remember, CSpan2, 5pm until it's done.


weasel said...

Sun's Out...SO'S THE TORIES!
Not quite the same as when they were in power but still always enjoyable to watch them lose and then execute their leader. Who'll be next? John Redmond???? Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Get the beers in bor; its quite the luxury to watch the Dimbleby in prime time....

weasel said...

Further to the Paxman comment about hemlock, dad recalls in 1997 that the day after the election the photo portrait of ousted Defence Secretary Michael Portillo in the Ministry of Defence lobby had been replaced by a photo of an RAF SAR helicopter plucking a drowning man from the North Sea. Sadly, one of the brass noticed and ordered it removed but not before hundreds had walked by and giggled.
Sorry to bang on but you know how exciting today is.

Mondale said...

I know, I was still drunk when i got to school on May 2nd 1997. I was also going to add that for those curious but not fanatical about the Election tuning in at about 10pm should produce the right result; some meaningful news rather than just gossip and speculation.
I'm sillylily excited. This one shoud be good because Blair has to lose some seats. How many? hard to tell but it will change the political map a bit. And will Iraq really hit him as hard as predicted or will it be the usual British disease of boredom?. I'll be on the sofa, all stretched out with some food and the leftovers of last night's beer, talking to weasel.