Tuesday, May 31, 2005

MIchael Owen.

Here's the thing. I like Michael Owen. He is a good man who has scored a silly ammount of goals for his (my) country and I'm sure that his mood today merely reflected his jetlag/discontent about having to delay his summer vacation by playing meaningless games in the US/leaving Liverpool in order to win the European Cup with Real Madrid only to have Liverpool win the European Cup anyway/missing his wife etc.
But, he annoyed me intensely today.
Each time I focused on him with my fancy camera (the one with auto focus, lenses etc) he turned away. Each time I tried to get a shot with the digital camera he managed to evade my lense.
Even now as I try to blog all this his pictures appear in the wrong order. Of the three pics I have published here today it should be #1.Him ignoring me on the pitch. #2 Him ignoring me passing through a crowd and # 3 Him completely disregarding me as he walks up some steps. Thats the order the pictures should appear but oh no, It's all about Mr Owen.
(I would like to add that David Beckham was all charisma and charm. I was with him for about a minute but he was almost Clintonesque in making me feel special and warm).

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