Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The European Cup Final

Since our relegation to the Third Division I have taken to rewinding history and referring to things by their pre corporate nomenclature. I'm not trying to be a wanker, it's just that things seems less confusing to me, it's a very confusing world and inside my tired mind I need a touch of clarity.

Hence the fact that I am very much looking forward to tomorrow evening's European Cup Final between FC Barcelona and Manchester United.

Of course, as a Englishman I should want United to win, but as a Norfolk nationalist I have tremendous sympathies with the Catalan peoples of Barcelona. Oh I don't know, just hope it's a cracker.

I also find evening games much easier to cope with, what with a toddler and all. There's no way I could sit down in the middle of the day and watch a game right now, whereas a 7.45pm kickoff is perfect, a beer or two, an early summer evening, that slightly magical scent of the European finals of one's youth, Wonderful.

I should also add that the European Cup is a thing of absolute beauty, the most perfect sporting trophy in the world.


Another 'win win' situation, United were awful and deservedly lost. I was able to enjoy seeing them humiliated. Barca were great, Thierry Henry was great and to cap it all off United were sponsored by AIG whilst Barca reject sponsorship and actually donate money to UNICEF.
Maybe I'm being a bit too new worldy about all this but it felt good at the time.

Brushing teeth

Ah, the mac was slow and grumpy. 
Things were getting lost and awkward.
I emailed the mac man.
He emailed back, swiftly and politely.
Frau Random Doubt found 4567 pictures in our iphoto trashcan.

It's like we've brushed the 'puter's teeth.
Things happen when you want them to.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Book learning # 52

America, Empire of liberty by David Reynolds

I have a favourite brand of chocolate bar. Well known within my family, I receive one twice a year, at Christmas and on my birthday. On each occasion I unwrap the chocolate bar, place it in the fridge and nibble on it for months (not being a huge fan of chocolate) a chunk here, a week or two later, another chunk. It's treating chocolate the way some people can smoke twice a year when they enjoy a little too much red wine. It's a testament to the non addictive side of my personality, a feat of restraint.

I was given this book for my birthday at the end of March, on the same day that I opened my
 biannual choccy treat. Like the chocolate I was able to dip into this book every now and then, swill the flavour around in my mouth and delight in the taste.

In 645 pages Reynolds attempts to provide an overview of American history from prehistoric times to November 2008. Of course there are gaps and the weight is clearly post 17th century liberal. But it's still a lovely thing to hold and behold. It was originally a BBC radio 4 series broadcast last year, 15 minute shows focussing on a different element of the American story. As a result of this format it's an ideal read for the moderately informed (or, like me, well informed in parts but clueless in others) This book has proved to be a real comfort of late, chapters and sections manageable enough to sit with for half an hour here or there, in the garden, on the loo, late at night in bed. Not only has the content been interesting and enjoyable but the style has made it a pleasure to engage in the art of reading.

If all book could be such.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Here are a few shots of my day playing footy at carru'rud.

Posing before the player's tunnel.
Posing before the Barclay.
Posing before the Jarrold stand (shall I go on?)

With my brother (Wor Bobby) in the dug out.

There were more pictures but I played on the far side of thr pitch so no good action shots. Also, I entrusted the silver fox with the camera but he spent the entire game grilling the club official (OK, steward) about the severe crisis gripping the club and didn't take too many pictures. 

I don't blame him.

We lost but it was great fun.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Carrow Road

At last, some good news to come from the newest Third Division football ground. On Sunday I will join 21 others and play at Carrow Road! Just as long as I can shake off this swine flu.

Monday, May 04, 2009

No more hypotheticals.

Just over 24 hours ago Norwich City were relegated.

For the first time since 1960 they will play in the third tier (The old Third Division as I still think of it).

I didn't watch the final defeat, preferring to spend time with my family at the beach.

I turned off the radio with 9 minutes remaining.

For a while things were uncertain, in my mind anyway.

The bush telegraph has been silent, you know things are really bad, people are hurting when nobody talks about it.

I left my phone off, didn't look at the telly or the internet, tuned into music stations on the radio.

I got on with the otherwise agreeable family weekend.

That's how I handled the initial stage of relegation, the other stages will follow.