Friday, February 22, 2013

Uncle Danny Baseball Eve!

Can it be that time of year again? Dan Raphael's birthday eve? Known to millions of kids around the globe as 'Uncle Danny Baseball Eve'.
My kids are at the perfect age to really enjoy the festivities, there's absolutely no doubt that they believe in the magic of UDB and the magic he spreads. 
Please enjoy some pictures of our family festivities.

Our very own Daniel building a tower of strength. He wanted to be the first kid in town to get his finished!

 Yes, You guessed it, the traditional breakfast of salami, cheese, bread and kiwi fruit.
 Traditions for the evening meal vary, but we stick to the old fashioned approach. Baked potato, cheese, sausages and kiwi fruit.
 The two kiwi fruit slices representing the two passions of Uncle Danny Baseball. Baseball and indie music. Reformists sometimes add more to include TV, family and food but we like it traditonal.
 Hey, it's all about the kids. Michael and Henry rocking out during the evening meal.
 Daniel lapping up his apple pie and custard for desert!
 A traditional scene dating back 39 years.
 Daniel is chuffed! He's the first kid to finish his meal so he gets to hold the kiwi fruit and minifigure!
 Henry is a pretty proud second!
This is what it's all about. The magic, The Huey Lewis TV special, The minifigures and the kiwi fruit!

Happy Uncle Danny Baseball Eve everybody!