Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Boys will be boys.

Schoolboy jinks

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Monday, January 29, 2007

David Beckham.

America, I want to make a couple of points about Mr Beckham and his recent move to Los Angeles.

1. This move is motivated by money. Not greed exactly but money. I think there is a difference but I don't think it's about educating America about football. If he was seriously into helping the children of the world and healing through ballskills he'd be running a soccer camp in Africa.

2. Beckham, whilst still a world class player, is on the fast downward trajectory of his career. If he was at all serious about his playing he would not have come to America (no offense intended). Had he made this move 10 years ago it would have been incredible, unbelieveable and very, very silly.

3. His wife wants a movie career. Nothing wrong with that. Her career has been on hold for the past few years, Now it's his turn to hold the baby. I can't wait to see the results.

4. He's a nice guy, I've met him. Nice fella.

5. He will not play for the USA in the next World Cup. Firstly, he has retired from International football. He wont be playing for anyone in the next World Cup.
Soccer at the highest level operates in a couple of different spheres. The club (you play for them every week and they pay your wages). You can play for any club, anywhere in the world, hence Beckham the Englishman playing for Real Madrid and now L.A. Whatever. And the Country. You play for them in World Cup games. You continue to play for them regardless of where in the world you live or play your club football. He'll always be an Englishman, therefore in theory he could always play for England.

6. The English (and I'm speaking for a nation here so listen up) are not worried that he's gone. He left us years ago to play in Spain and has retired from International football so he's no longer an issue as far as the England team is concerned. Next.

7. He's not going to make a run for the White House. He's not eligible. See #5.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Governor and the Mayor.

Two men with almost similar nicknames.

Me, the Governor because I used to be a school Governor and some American chums found the idea of me as a Governor slightly amusing.
Him, the Mayor because he knows everyone and is the odds on favourite for the guy you'll be most likely to bump into on any given street in the five boroughs (except he just moved to LA)

So a couple of years back, after a drink or two we got to thinking. What would the Governor and the Mayor do if they met and hung out?

Staged hand shaking photo op of course!

Here are some of the pictures from the last couple of years.

In the kitchen at the Governor's Mansion, Brooklyn, Fall 2005.

Montauk, by the dartboard, Summer 2006.

Montauk, by the dartboard again, Summer 2006.

Oscar night, Chelsea, March 2006.

The Mayor's mansion, Brooklyn, Thanksgiving 2005.

Someone else's rehearsal dinner, Brooklyn, Summer 2005.

The wedding of the rehearsal dinner, Brooklyn, Summer 2005.

The Mayor's wedding, Manhattan, Summer 2005.

Oscar night, Chelsea, Spring 2005.

The Governor's mansion, Brooklyn 2005.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Baghdad Burning

Like the rest of us I periodically scour ther blogs of friends and update links by theft.
Hence Baghdad Burning.

Pictorial truth.

I was delighted to spot, upon my return from a day at the coalface the latest L.L.Bean catalogue. L.L. Bean, the company that brings us all things Maine at a reasonable price and speedy shipping times. L.L Bean, the company that never lies.

Imagine my chagrin when I observed the following illustration in the ladies swimwear section. You will note the Island print skintini made with stretchy chlorine resistant nylon/lycra blend.
You will also note the amazing scene in the background. That's not Maine. Maine does not have gorgeous blue oceans lapping upon golden ankle deep sands. This is a betrayal of fact, an untruth.

I know Maine, I've been there a few times. This isn't Maine.

Now observe the Beansport tank one piece.
That's more like Maine.
Maine on a good day in the middle of summer.
That's the type of realism and grit I expect from L.L.Bean.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


I spent the last couple of days telling anyone who asked what a wonderful sleeper young Henry was.
Sure, he's been great, not too much night action at all.
Now I'm blogging at 3.41am.
Go figure.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Greatest gift ever given ever.

Just before Christmas I was given the most beautiful book commemorating the life and tragic death of Princess Diana. Being an Englishman in America this is especially emotional for me because I love her even more than all the mental people who love the Royal Family so much. The person who gave this to me must have been able to see deep inside my soul and know the love that I hold for the Queen of our Hearts. She was like a candle in the wind, she was like a light in the tunnel that we call life.

I will never forget her.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A damn near run thing.

The internet was down almost all day.
I almost had to do some work.
The internal email service was shockingly quiet and frightfully dull to read.
iphoto - seen it all before.
itunes - just not in the mood.
Thank the stars in heaven it's all back and running.
And now the kids have returned, bugger.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thank you.

I (we) just want to thank all of you who sent good wishes, vibes, cards, emails, food etc.
We are a touch overwhelmed right now as we settle into this parenting malarkey.
Henry is an absolute delight and actually had a fairly successful night, he only kept one of us up for most of it. My turn tonight I guess.
You can follow his progress on his own blog across the way.
These few things I have learned so far.

Never investigate a diaper unless the kid draws your attention to it.

It's fantastic having friends in the restaurant business. "Oh? herb encrusted organic pork loin in a rosemary and garlic vegetable stew? No thanks, we'd rather eat cold toast".

There is a wealth of great TV during the early hours.

Elderly cats and newborn humans can coexist in peace, you just need to explain this to the cat, she now views herself as some type of maiden aunt. She can sometimes be found peering at him as he feeds.

But mostly thanks to you lot for your support and to Henry for being so well behaved (so far) and to Mommy for doing all the work (I would but, well, you know)

Friday, January 12, 2007

Law and Order

This morning as I was attempting to fix a car seat in the back of the car I noticed a police van and several SUVs outside the next door building. I half expected to see a film crew and Ice T shooting a scene from everyone's favourite crime show.
Then I saw a cop in full body armor with a shield and a machine gun!
This was the real thing!!

Gentrification take a back seat!!

When I later strolled past on my way to get a cup of coffee I saw the cops muttering about how the "Staten Island team had got him and this one says she hadn't seen him in weeks". Then they got back in their vehicles and tootled off, no doubt looking for bagels and coffee.

Later on I noticed the young ner'do well who lives in the building clearing out with a couple of very large bags and looking kind of 'nipped'.

All quite fascinating street theater on the very day we brought young Henry home.

Book learning # 30

The last king of Scotland by Giles Foden.

I should read more novels, I really should. Whenever I read a novel I very often do enjoy it so. I am , however almost always drawn to other types and find little time for such fictional relish.

This book took me slowly and held me close.

The story of a Dr Garrigan, his experiences in Uganda in the 1970s, his descent into madness and subsequent recovery.
I loved the soul searching (a little reminiscent of Albert Speer's good Nazi themes) Garrigan is a doctor, surely he is there to save life? How can he help Idi Amin and still be a conscienable human being let along a healer?

I am searching for a couple of light hearted reads for the coming weeks. watch this space.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Right, as proud a dad as I am I don't want this blog to become a gushing crazy lovefest to my brand new son and heir.

As a committed blogger I have given it some thought, weighed up the pros and cons and decided to create a blog for the nipper. There are no comments on it and it's really just a picture show for interested parties and my mum.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New arrival


Monday, January 8th 2007

7 pounds 9 ounces

20 inches long

a boy!!

mommy and baby doing grand!!!

We are all exhausted (especially mommy) but over the moon.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

A lesson learned.

England, Spring 2001.

I had been stripping wallpaper and some friends came by for drinks.

When I awoke the next day I was greeted by this sight.
And sharpies.
And an empty bottle of whisky.
And two drunk architects and a crimson duchess.

My favourite line is LBJ you're OK but you're gaylasos mandosos.

FA Cup Third Round.

It's that time of year again. The part of the season when most often do dreams of glory die.

The Cup.

The great leveller.

January wind and rain, snow and hail.

It's not easy being a Norwich fan at any time, least of all is January.
This year our hopes may be dupes and our fears liars. If we beat Tamworth tomorrow (as we sodding well should) we'll no doubt get turned over by some less romantic suitor in the next round. If we lose to the underdogs tomorrow then it's all the way to hell in a bleedin handbasket.

On another note I see that both New York football teams have made the playoffs. I smile at the local (and one would perhaps think favourable?) press coverage which seems to equate both team's chances with those of a snowman in hell or a chocolate teapot.
Good job we got us a baby on the way.

UPDATE: NORWICH 4 TAMWORTH 1. 4th Round here we come!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Cleaning House

Is it wise to get into Deadwood just minutes before becoming a parent?
Will the increased use of the expression "C*cks*cker!!" have a positive influence upon the development of our unborn child?

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

No news yet.

I'm no Unwellness., I don't regale the blog world with the intimate details about my personal health and wellbeing.
However, regular readers of this blog will be aware that Frau Random Doubt is about to give birth. By this I mean that we are waiting for something to happen. Right here, right now.
The Doctor told us to wait another week and then we'll "review things" That means induction. Fine, whatever.
For now The missus and I have been loving the lie ins, the peace and calm and the eating out. The eating out in almost any half decent place we pass on our strolls through the neighborhood. The eating out, the strolls and the afternoon, early evening trips to the movie theater.
in short we have been enjoying life to the limit, as much to the limit as a 9 month pregnant lady can.

All this has been done with a wonderful sense of "why not?"

This cannot last.

You will be informed.

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Eve.

Much of the night was spent marvelling at how grown up we had all become and how pregnant some of us had become. Yabs checks out the rules and Nabdor looks on.

The scary guest of honour. Waitrose Christmas pudding. After lighting it with hot brandy we all sort of stood and stared. I because I've been there before and have no desire to go back, them because of my reaction.

The rest of the evening was good food and conversation, and then the grimacing at Dick Clark.

Just because we got home at 12.30 and went straight to bed doesn't mean 'the hood' slept. Fireworks, noise and shouts of happy fuckin new year!!! abounded until the rain at 3am.

Happy New Year!