Friday, January 12, 2007

Law and Order

This morning as I was attempting to fix a car seat in the back of the car I noticed a police van and several SUVs outside the next door building. I half expected to see a film crew and Ice T shooting a scene from everyone's favourite crime show.
Then I saw a cop in full body armor with a shield and a machine gun!
This was the real thing!!

Gentrification take a back seat!!

When I later strolled past on my way to get a cup of coffee I saw the cops muttering about how the "Staten Island team had got him and this one says she hadn't seen him in weeks". Then they got back in their vehicles and tootled off, no doubt looking for bagels and coffee.

Later on I noticed the young ner'do well who lives in the building clearing out with a couple of very large bags and looking kind of 'nipped'.

All quite fascinating street theater on the very day we brought young Henry home.

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