Saturday, January 13, 2007

Thank you.

I (we) just want to thank all of you who sent good wishes, vibes, cards, emails, food etc.
We are a touch overwhelmed right now as we settle into this parenting malarkey.
Henry is an absolute delight and actually had a fairly successful night, he only kept one of us up for most of it. My turn tonight I guess.
You can follow his progress on his own blog across the way.
These few things I have learned so far.

Never investigate a diaper unless the kid draws your attention to it.

It's fantastic having friends in the restaurant business. "Oh? herb encrusted organic pork loin in a rosemary and garlic vegetable stew? No thanks, we'd rather eat cold toast".

There is a wealth of great TV during the early hours.

Elderly cats and newborn humans can coexist in peace, you just need to explain this to the cat, she now views herself as some type of maiden aunt. She can sometimes be found peering at him as he feeds.

But mostly thanks to you lot for your support and to Henry for being so well behaved (so far) and to Mommy for doing all the work (I would but, well, you know)

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bri said...

I am so glad everyone is well and happy. Congrats some more!