Friday, January 12, 2007

Book learning # 30

The last king of Scotland by Giles Foden.

I should read more novels, I really should. Whenever I read a novel I very often do enjoy it so. I am , however almost always drawn to other types and find little time for such fictional relish.

This book took me slowly and held me close.

The story of a Dr Garrigan, his experiences in Uganda in the 1970s, his descent into madness and subsequent recovery.
I loved the soul searching (a little reminiscent of Albert Speer's good Nazi themes) Garrigan is a doctor, surely he is there to save life? How can he help Idi Amin and still be a conscienable human being let along a healer?

I am searching for a couple of light hearted reads for the coming weeks. watch this space.

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