Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Governor and the Mayor.

Two men with almost similar nicknames.

Me, the Governor because I used to be a school Governor and some American chums found the idea of me as a Governor slightly amusing.
Him, the Mayor because he knows everyone and is the odds on favourite for the guy you'll be most likely to bump into on any given street in the five boroughs (except he just moved to LA)

So a couple of years back, after a drink or two we got to thinking. What would the Governor and the Mayor do if they met and hung out?

Staged hand shaking photo op of course!

Here are some of the pictures from the last couple of years.

In the kitchen at the Governor's Mansion, Brooklyn, Fall 2005.

Montauk, by the dartboard, Summer 2006.

Montauk, by the dartboard again, Summer 2006.

Oscar night, Chelsea, March 2006.

The Mayor's mansion, Brooklyn, Thanksgiving 2005.

Someone else's rehearsal dinner, Brooklyn, Summer 2005.

The wedding of the rehearsal dinner, Brooklyn, Summer 2005.

The Mayor's wedding, Manhattan, Summer 2005.

Oscar night, Chelsea, Spring 2005.

The Governor's mansion, Brooklyn 2005.

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MsDee said...

You guys need some new poses