Saturday, January 06, 2007

FA Cup Third Round.

It's that time of year again. The part of the season when most often do dreams of glory die.

The Cup.

The great leveller.

January wind and rain, snow and hail.

It's not easy being a Norwich fan at any time, least of all is January.
This year our hopes may be dupes and our fears liars. If we beat Tamworth tomorrow (as we sodding well should) we'll no doubt get turned over by some less romantic suitor in the next round. If we lose to the underdogs tomorrow then it's all the way to hell in a bleedin handbasket.

On another note I see that both New York football teams have made the playoffs. I smile at the local (and one would perhaps think favourable?) press coverage which seems to equate both team's chances with those of a snowman in hell or a chocolate teapot.
Good job we got us a baby on the way.

UPDATE: NORWICH 4 TAMWORTH 1. 4th Round here we come!


Anonymous said...

watched it, loved it, hated the commentator.


Mondale said...

I know, what a bargain! Saturday night, 90 minutes of City in the cup!