Thursday, February 24, 2005

England, my England.

Me and the wife just took a crazy and spontaneous long weekend trip to England. Just so you know it's not all about fox hunting, bigotry and violence I enclose a few pictures from one of our delightful strolls through the landscape of my childhood. Enjoy.


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Just imagine walking along this path in the 1400's and seeing the two towers of the abbey. That's how you'd know that you were getting close to Wymondham with all it's inns and it's market and political dissent.

Abbey meadow

Abbey meadow
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A little view of the old part of town beyond the abbey.

Wicklewood rise

Wicklewood rise
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This is one of my favourite views, the clear line of the field against the crispy cold sky, ahhh.

estate path

estate path
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The secret path to a world of snow, mud and adventure, just along the end there, on the left, through the gate.

muddy path

muddy path
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The path at the bottom of the Tiffey valley.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Sometimes when I'm a little bit drunk I interview myself.
I have to be alone.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


It's time to welcome another new blog (linked at the bottom). This is Henry from across the harbor in Jersey. It's got to be said that not a great deal has happened yet on 'thebigball' but it's got a great title and lots of potential. As for Henry? He's a good man and I should know, he's on my netflix friends list and I spent most of a Saturday morning at the car pound waiting for the release of his honda civic. I don't do that for just anyone.
To be honest, I'd have a glance and see what you think, then return to it in a few days. I started out with awkward fumblings about playing golf and facial hair yet rose to become the best blog in the entire world with 'Walter Mondale' in it's title.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

book learning

In January 2004 I made the only NYresolution that has actually worked. I resolved to either read a book from cover to cover and enjoy it or put the thing down and choose another. No more literary sluttery. I was tired of the pile of books beside the bed. I was tired of not really remembering the books that I had 'read'. I was feeling cheap and used, washed up and adulterous.
So just over a year ago I changed course. It worked. Now I have another problem, (the path of the righteous is never easy). I am approaching the end of a great book "Armageddon" by Max Hastings. I am trying to think ahead about what I should read next. I have read non stop since the age of six. I always face this curious dilemma. Elizabeth has suggested "Testament of Youth" by Vera Brittan. We both agreed that after reading an account of the Allied destruction of the Third Reich I should lighten up a bit. Perhaps I'll read a detective novel set in Botswana? I liked the sound of "The God of small things" until I looked closer. I need Bowles appropriate stuff, light but thoughtful. I've just trudged across Western Europe and defeated the nazis.
Any ideas? recommendations?

Friday, February 04, 2005

fridays are cool.

Fridays can be great. Within a single ten minute period Listmaker and I
experienced the following.
*I ruined his birthday gift surprise (twice in as many years that i have done
*I almost made him cry.
*He almost cried in front of me.
*I told him that if he cried in front of me I'd have to hit him.
*He assumed that Weasel is an uptight New Englander "He's English and lives
in New England"
*He assumed that I was an anti semite because I'm not a huge Larry David fan
(Seinfeld yes, Curb your enthusiasm umm, maybe).
*He admitted to being a crap jew (as in not that knowledgable or practising,
not crap as in worthless or horrid)

There then followed a bizarre moment where, inspired by a Rufus Wainwright
dvd we argued in favour of flamboyant gayness, asthetic decadance and
charming brilliance, should either of us ever actually become gay.
This is unlikely.
We both then got wierded out.

Later in the day two kids constructed a tower of dictionaries which rested upon a base of dominoes. Fantastic!