Tuesday, February 15, 2005


It's time to welcome another new blog (linked at the bottom). This is Henry from across the harbor in Jersey. It's got to be said that not a great deal has happened yet on 'thebigball' but it's got a great title and lots of potential. As for Henry? He's a good man and I should know, he's on my netflix friends list and I spent most of a Saturday morning at the car pound waiting for the release of his honda civic. I don't do that for just anyone.
To be honest, I'd have a glance and see what you think, then return to it in a few days. I started out with awkward fumblings about playing golf and facial hair yet rose to become the best blog in the entire world with 'Walter Mondale' in it's title.


henryabbott said...

Bowles, I do not own a Honda Civic. It's a Toyota. (But you are very kind to leave out the other salient details of how my car ended up in the pokey--namely my own inability to both read No Parking signs and keep updated proof of insurance in the glovebox.)

weasel said...

I can't help but picture you welcoming Henry in your old India hand role; maroon smoking jacket, pith helmet, monocle and pipe.

"Come in dear boy, come in"