Friday, February 04, 2005

fridays are cool.

Fridays can be great. Within a single ten minute period Listmaker and I
experienced the following.
*I ruined his birthday gift surprise (twice in as many years that i have done
*I almost made him cry.
*He almost cried in front of me.
*I told him that if he cried in front of me I'd have to hit him.
*He assumed that Weasel is an uptight New Englander "He's English and lives
in New England"
*He assumed that I was an anti semite because I'm not a huge Larry David fan
(Seinfeld yes, Curb your enthusiasm umm, maybe).
*He admitted to being a crap jew (as in not that knowledgable or practising,
not crap as in worthless or horrid)

There then followed a bizarre moment where, inspired by a Rufus Wainwright
dvd we argued in favour of flamboyant gayness, asthetic decadance and
charming brilliance, should either of us ever actually become gay.
This is unlikely.
We both then got wierded out.

Later in the day two kids constructed a tower of dictionaries which rested upon a base of dominoes. Fantastic!


jamie said...

they'll hire anyone at that school won't they?

youthlarge said...

yeah, thanks for blowing another birthday surprise bowles. at least this year it wasn't my surprise you ruined.

Debbie said...

Standing in a room having to listen to 2 guys get mushy and teary-eyed about birthday presents is not pretty.
It's kind of awkward really, I didn't now whether I should initiate a group hug or pull a Cher in Moonstruck,slap the both of you and say "Snap out of it!"

Listmaker said...

good reporting, bowles. except for a few things.

one, you ruined a much bigger surprise two years ago, thus ruining a surprise 2 out of the last 3 years rather than the way you stated it. mr. met will never forgive you for that one.

two, you make me look like such a crybaby! why don't you explain why i almost cried? don't bring up a completely thoughtful gift of the john huston film on the battle in which my grandfather was wounded and then expect me to keep dry eyes!

third, i said that weasel was not uptight and you goaded me (after sharing your opinion on the matter) into saying what i said.

other than that, nice job.

Mondale said...

I wanted to make you look soft. I wanted to make weasel hate you because i cant handle the fact that you might become his friend.

Listmaker said...

you are forgiven. and for the record, i stand by everything i said about rufus.

weasel said...

TRDOWM just likes to say I'm uptight because I show up for things on time, because I like people to follow through on commitments and because I don't like loud music in bars. Oh, and because I have been known to correct his punctuation. That's being an arsehole, not being uptight.

Debbie said...

Break it up!
Break it up!

You're right listmaker, TRDOWM did provoke you to shed a tear and that's okay.

Wisdom, it must feel great that everybody wants to be your friend. I think it's because you are so cool and that's okay too

Random, let's try not to blow any more spots (give away secrets) even though I think the book is an awesome and very considerate gift.

Hey! that's tender moment #2 TRDOWM!!!!!

Listmaker and TRDOWM take Billy Joel's advice and "Leave a tender moment alone."