Wednesday, January 03, 2007

No news yet.

I'm no Unwellness., I don't regale the blog world with the intimate details about my personal health and wellbeing.
However, regular readers of this blog will be aware that Frau Random Doubt is about to give birth. By this I mean that we are waiting for something to happen. Right here, right now.
The Doctor told us to wait another week and then we'll "review things" That means induction. Fine, whatever.
For now The missus and I have been loving the lie ins, the peace and calm and the eating out. The eating out in almost any half decent place we pass on our strolls through the neighborhood. The eating out, the strolls and the afternoon, early evening trips to the movie theater.
in short we have been enjoying life to the limit, as much to the limit as a 9 month pregnant lady can.

All this has been done with a wonderful sense of "why not?"

This cannot last.

You will be informed.


weasel said...

I assume you are standing by with hot water and towels.

Come on Mrs B, crack on!

So exciting, thinking of you both.

Mondale said...

Thanks guv, I've just purchased some elbow length rubber gloves and a pot of cow grease.

Anonymous said...

Gross. I heard the fetching of hot water and towels was just a distraction for the dad, you know to get him out of the way and away from the new mom's kung fu grip and cussin'

Ah I remember my days of labor....