Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pictorial truth.

I was delighted to spot, upon my return from a day at the coalface the latest L.L.Bean catalogue. L.L. Bean, the company that brings us all things Maine at a reasonable price and speedy shipping times. L.L Bean, the company that never lies.

Imagine my chagrin when I observed the following illustration in the ladies swimwear section. You will note the Island print skintini made with stretchy chlorine resistant nylon/lycra blend.
You will also note the amazing scene in the background. That's not Maine. Maine does not have gorgeous blue oceans lapping upon golden ankle deep sands. This is a betrayal of fact, an untruth.

I know Maine, I've been there a few times. This isn't Maine.

Now observe the Beansport tank one piece.
That's more like Maine.
Maine on a good day in the middle of summer.
That's the type of realism and grit I expect from L.L.Bean.


weasel said...

Ah, not wishing to rain on your generally correct parade (and indeed, "Maine" does not "look like Horsey Mere" as I believe it was once stated) but this could have been taken south of Portland; Kennebunkport, Old Orchard Beach, or Wells, where the hinterland is flat and the beaches sandy.

I'm with you though in spirit- we true northern dwellers don't believe that bit of the state to really be Maine but rather prefer to call it "North Massachusetts" (New Hampshire gets no recognition at all, much like the old DDR).

Anonymous said...

If you don't like fake backgrounds don't bother with Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue, all the fake stuff will kill you

Mondale said...

msdee, I beg to differ. It's an educational feast.

Bill Norris said...

Indeed, the fakery in the SI swimsuit issue if more of a foreground issue, is it not?