Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The European Cup Final

Since our relegation to the Third Division I have taken to rewinding history and referring to things by their pre corporate nomenclature. I'm not trying to be a wanker, it's just that things seems less confusing to me, it's a very confusing world and inside my tired mind I need a touch of clarity.

Hence the fact that I am very much looking forward to tomorrow evening's European Cup Final between FC Barcelona and Manchester United.

Of course, as a Englishman I should want United to win, but as a Norfolk nationalist I have tremendous sympathies with the Catalan peoples of Barcelona. Oh I don't know, just hope it's a cracker.

I also find evening games much easier to cope with, what with a toddler and all. There's no way I could sit down in the middle of the day and watch a game right now, whereas a 7.45pm kickoff is perfect, a beer or two, an early summer evening, that slightly magical scent of the European finals of one's youth, Wonderful.

I should also add that the European Cup is a thing of absolute beauty, the most perfect sporting trophy in the world.


Another 'win win' situation, United were awful and deservedly lost. I was able to enjoy seeing them humiliated. Barca were great, Thierry Henry was great and to cap it all off United were sponsored by AIG whilst Barca reject sponsorship and actually donate money to UNICEF.
Maybe I'm being a bit too new worldy about all this but it felt good at the time.

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