Friday, May 27, 2005

It's just like 1984!

And I am giggly and excited.
Firstly, Liverpool won the European cup last Wednesday night. That's a real time warp situation right there. I was lucky enough to get really crappy internet coverage of this event. I have since been told that it was arguably one of the games of the century. Marvellous. But at least an English team won.
Then I got a cryptic phonecall from a friend who runs the NYCanaries. You know the kind of call that gives you a gut feeling. "Hi, It's me, call me as soon as you get this". He is a friend but not the type of person who would call me in a crisis. He is also the master of fabulous self publicity and genuine fun to be around. I call him. He has got us 'invited' to watch England train in New Jersey on Monday. I had to decline, "I'll be at work, shit!" Then I call him right back. "It's Memorial Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I am as excited as a very excited thing because on Monday I get to hang out with a bunch of overpaid (make that ridiculously overpaid) young people who would no doubt annoy the living crap out of me if I had to spend one minute actually talking to them. But then again I might get to meet Wayne Rooney!!


jamie said...

i thought the coincidences from 1978, 1981 and 2005 listed in this article:

were pretty fun, such as how in both 1981 and 2005 Prince Charles got married and there is a new Dr. Who(!).

weasel said...

You bastard. Get me something signed please, please, please...

Mondale said...

Coincidences between both1981 and 2005:

Prince Charles got married
This came from my history teacher here in Brooklyn.

Ken & Deidre in Coronation Street got married
There was a new Dr. Who
Norwich City & Crystal Palace were both relegated
Liverpool won 17 games and finished 5th in the League
Liverpool won the European Cup

(oh, and there was a smug b*st*rd in 10 Downing St.)

Jamie, As far as I'm concerned there was no 1978. It is year zero.

weasel said...

Nothing signed by that dirty diving Palace cheat Andy Johnson though, thanks. In fact, if he comes over to give an autograph, fall over clutching your shin in agony when he's within 10 feet.

Listmaker said...

is it may 30 already?

Mondale said...

Jeez Listo, you're so freaking precise and accurate. Most of the TRDOWM adoring public are just happy to have a few crumbs of wisdom fall from the table of the master. You are the only one who complains if I actually come good on something early!
I just don't know what to do.
Weasel, I'll try aand get signed stuff, promise.