Friday, May 06, 2005

Election update #1

Right, here goes. I quote the fantastic Jeremy Paxman "none of us has much idea about what's going on".
I am loving this, this is the best election in my memory. 1992 was a real trauma that I still feel. 1997 was an ecstatic night of joy beyond the senses (ah, but we were young, so young). 2001 was really , really dull.
This time it's different. This time we are facing a multitude of issues such as Iraq, Blair's unpopularity (I equate this with LBJ in 1968 only less so), but also a good economy, slowly improving public services and a seemingly decrepit conservative opposition.
What we are witnessing is a flurry of fascinating results. Where Liberals expect to win, they lose. Where they expect nothing, they win. Labour hold seats with reduced majorities, a lot of recounts. Tories gain, Tories fail to win seats they really should win (Cheadle?) Even the prospect of the delightful Oona King being threatened by the 'MP for Baghdad' George Galloway.
This is, for the British political junkie, a fascinating night above all others.
Latest just in, Peter Snow's prediction based on real results in as of 8.51pm EST.
Labour majority 68.
We shall see.
more later, I hope


ms.bri said...

I don't understand - '92, '97, '01 - how often do you lot have elections anyway.. 5 years or 4? Damn "we'll have an election when we bloody well feel like it" Brits.
-Your Irish Librarian

Mondale said...

"When we bloody well feel like it".
(we had 2 in 1974)