Saturday, May 14, 2005

Manchester United.

Apparently Manchester United fans are upset because the oh so slightly beardy and creepy Malcolm Glazer has bought a bunch of shares. Listen up. United were a significant part of the crass commercialism of football that has upset so many people in the last thirty odd years and spawned a whole leftfield footy culture ala' Nick Hornby, WSC etc.
They pretty much invented themselves as an industry, global brand, corporate giant and so on. United pushed hard for the formation of the Premiership, bigger chunks of cash from the telly, greater European involvement and all that.
I'm not saying it's all bad but you can't then turn around and close the shop just because Mr Beardy Wierdy ginger head comes sniffing around.
So please, You poor , hard done by United fans, oh you who have suffered so at the hands of the evil capitalists (let's see? Since the foundation of the Premiership in 1992 we have 8 championships, 4 FACups and a European cup).
Stop complaining.
Shut up.
You get no sympathy here.

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