Monday, May 16, 2005

Manchester United #2

From the BBC. And yes, a large part of this is that german word for delighting in the traumas of those around you.

"It is currently a crisis caused by nothing more than uncertainty.

There is no proof yet that Glazer's takeover would be bad for Manchester United, other than it takes the club's ownership out of English hands.

Much has been said about United's "heart and soul" being ripped out, but Old Trafford was opened up to market forces went it went public 14 years ago - the start of a period of spectacular success.

"Not for sale" is the great rallying call for Old Trafford's faithful, but in reality almost everything at Manchester United has been for sale since that day. A hollow cry from this mega-rich and mega-marketable club. "

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weasel said...

My God; like all good school chums of the same social class and regional background, our minds have melded and we have essentially posted the exact same thing independently of each other.