Friday, May 13, 2005

Mounting pressure (Superbowl for losers)

I tried to explain it to the kids. I said "it's like the Superbowl for losers".
I was attempting to explain how tense and anxious I was about Sunday's game. I've denied details about where I'll be watching the game so that people won't find me and jinx it (like, who the hell is going to trek up to Amsterdam and 83rd at 9.30am on a Sunday?). I have to be there with my people. Ms Random Doubt won't be coming (she's a jinx on the big occaison).
9.30am on Sunday. Death or Glory. I mean, if you lose the cup final you just lose a game, it sucks but it doesn't change your league position. Lose against Fulham and the bottom drops out of my football world. I am actively looking for omens and signs. Death or Glory. This is real death or glory.

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