Saturday, May 14, 2005

Fulham v Norwich.

I'm getting really nervous.
Must stop blogging and do something constructive.
I've got all my plans ready for tomorrow.
Get up at 8am, ride 2 or 3 train to the Upper West Side, meet James, listen to game, watch United game. I expect Southampton to win.
I expect Norwich to win. Must win. Must win.
Watch delayed Norwich game. Must win.
Oh my god I think I'm turning into some sort of Redsock. I am starting to exhibit the type of paranoid freakery behaviour normally only associated with fans of the Boston Redsox.
I talked to my Dad and brother today, it was all we could talk about. Dad was all sort of calm, resigned wisdom and hope.
Simon told me where everyone he knew would be watching the game*. he told me that it was the biggest game he could remember, bigger than the Milk Cup final twenty years ago, bigger than the UEFA campaign in 1993. Far bigger even than last year's Championship. A hell of a lot more nervewracking that's for sure.
*City die hard and compulsive-obsessive fan, Tom Wood is apparently on holiday with his charming family in Sicily. Nice timing Tom. Booked the holiday a few months ago when he figured that we would be dead and buried already! Hope you get the match on Italian telly.

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