Saturday, May 28, 2005

Desert Island Discs.

OK, You have to choose your 7 all time favourite pieces of music. One for each day of the week if that helps. I'm curious and nosey. For your money's worth mine looks a bit like this...

Supergrass: Jesus came from outta space.
Steve Earle: The kind.
Cowboy Junkies: Anniversary song.
Billy Bragg: St Swithin's Day.
Eels: Rock hard times.
"Oh Lord and master of mankind" (it's a hymn, preferably belted out by a tone deaf congregation at a Bowles family wedding/christening/funeral).
Beethoven's ninth "Ode to Joy" sung in it's original German please.

So there we go. If you want to throw it out there go ahead. If not you just got a glimpse into the ever shifting psyche of the boy Mondale.


Mondale said...

Of course, once you commit such thoughts to 'blog' you start to realise what you've missed.
How could i have left out Uncle Billy and 'between the wars', Supergrass 'late in the day' or Mr Earle singing 'and the rain came down' or 'fearless heart'.Tssh, such is life.

Anonymous said...

Pistols: "Pretty Vacant"
The Who: "Subsitute"
Wm Blake: "Jerusalem"
Sir William of Bragg: "The World Turned Upside Down"
The old Soviet national anthem
Elgar's cello concerto no. 1

I'll forgo the bible for one of the customary two books issued by the BBC radio version of Desert Island Discs and instead take "Common Sense" by Tom Paine.

By Guess Who.