Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Concerning the Depression.

The following comes from a chat about the 1930s.

Kid#1 "But if they were hungry couldn't they just order 'Fresh Direct'?"
Mondale "There was no 'Fresh Direct' in 1932 and they had no money".
Kid#2 "Doesn't matter, you can get $50 of free food with your first order".
kid#3 "'Fresh Direct' is taking over the world".

I don't often blog about the kids but today has just proved to be too much.


weasel said...

If there had been "Fresh Direct" in 32 the New Deal would have been in trouble.

mas said...


youthlarge said...

kid #2 did not read the fine print. to qualify for $50 worth of free FRESH food, you must first purchase $100 worth of FRESH food.