Sunday, June 04, 2006

Oi Vey! Some pictures from Maine.

At last! After a week of not even bothering and then a few days of technical issues I present to you some pictures of our fantastic weekend in Bar Harbor. We were there to celebrate the Weasel/Country Mouse union, wedding photos to follow.

Three New Yorkers wander the country lanes of Maine gently discussing real estate prices.

It's all so beautiful, so fresh, so fragrant. We also keep reminding ourselves that it's all so completely frozen for 6 months of the year.

Weasel and General Weasel with an assortment of mini Weaselettes

Frau Random Doubt, Listmaker and Youthlarge wander the gorgeous coastal paths of Bar Harbor discussing real estate prices.

Weasel's cuzzen Jim and bruvver Baz discuss breakfast products, Jim the veggie vs Baz the pork afficianado.


weasel's Cuzzen Jim said...

Good Lord! A picture of me in a blog other than Weasel's. I hope my agent knows about this.

Very nice to meet y'all (i.e. Mondale, FRD, Youthlarge and Listmaker). No longer will I have to puzzle about your respective genders or physical attributes. If truth be told, I could have visited your blogs before and worked it out...

I have lots more photos if anyone wants some - ask Weasel for my email address.

Oh, and Youthlarge - if you're looking in - is a Bibimbop some variant on that tasty Korean breakfast dish, but with those musical moppets Hanson thrown in with the mince? Cannibalism's too good for 'em y'know.

Mondale said...

Blessed are we that get commented on by Cuzzen Jim! Great to meet you at last after fifteen years of doubtful sightings and near misses.

youthlarge said...

hello cuzzen jim! my spies alterted me to your comments. i'm not sure what you are referring to. bop is the korean word for rice, something that's eaten at every meal. bibim means mixed and bibimbop is a rice dish where you throw in the kitchen sink (mostly veggies, a little bit of meat and a fried egg on top) and mix it all up with a fiery chili paste.

oh, hello mondale.