Friday, May 26, 2006

Weasel and Country Mouse's big day/wedding/roadtrip extravaganza type thing.

Look at it this way.

It's the busiest travel weekend of the year so Frau Random Doubt, Listmaker, Youthlarge and myself are all piling into the volvo and pointing the thing northeast. Hopefully in about 12 hours from the time we leave we will be in sunny Bar Harbor. I've been practising talking funny "I paaaarked the caaaar" and have compiled a collection of CDs to amuse and beguile. Listo and I will share the bulk of the driving, not only do we get to be buddies and co workers , now we get to be pilot and co-pilot!!
I get to eat junk food. We all get to sit in lots and lots of traffic.

Why are we doing this?


Pictures to follow after the weekend!


Bill Norris said...

Well, as far as I can tell in the blogverse, this shin dig was a big hoax and never happened.

I await answers.

Mondale said...

Mr Norris, you will get pictures. I'm just very nervous at the moment.

Listmaker said...

nervous about what?
bill, i've got to get through my brooklyn wedding pics and then i'll get to the man in a kilt pics.

Mondale said...

Nervous about what???
The World Cup starts in a week.
What else is there to be nervous about???

Bill Norris said...

Well, I can understand that. As a supporter of the American squad, I have no expectations at all. Our group is absurd, and despite the fact that we should've beaten the Krauts last time (that was a penalty, damn it), I'll be pleasantly surprised by an advance.

But England looks pretty solid to me.