Thursday, May 18, 2006

Breakfast of Champion's League

The thing I like about English clubs in Europe is this.

(As you know, I'm a Norwich fan so this is not directly relevant to my everyday experience, it's a bit like seeing people you know on the TV, never really happens and when it does you phone all your friends and yell at them "Fucking hell!! Hester's on Blue Peter talking about art!!!! That was 12 years ago).

I'm happy for them when they win- for a day or two.
When they lose I'm upset- for about thirty seconds.

I was even a Manchester United fan for 90 minutes in 1999, that was mostly due to the fact that their opponents that day were Bayern Munich and the game was an absolute cracker!

And I've always had a deep soft spot for Barcelona. Arsenal are wankers, despite being a truly great side.

I was delighted for Liverpool last year when they won the Champion's League, Scousers deserved it.

I love this time of year, May is a great month, Cup Finals, European finals, World Cup around the corner, everyone's happy.


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weasel said...

I found the game quite entertaining, watching the French/Germans lose to the Brazilian/Italians.

I suppose these days one's national pride comes from cheering for the brand as opposed to the team components as being representative of a country's footballing style. It's a bit like rooting for marmite over vegemite.

No wonder poor Theo Walcott never gets a game.