Saturday, May 06, 2006

I want pictures.

I was chatting to my brother today (he's the one without the beer) when he told me the most brilliant news.
No, his wife isn't pregnant, no, none of his children had done anything out of the ordinary.

His childhood friend and fellow Norfolkman Tom Wood (that's a picture of his office, I couldn't locate one of the man himself) has hired Carrow Road for a kickabout!

It's some type of corporate show off gig but what a laugh?

Tom has arranged for a number of clients and friends to 'bring their boots', use the dressing rooms and play a full 90 minutes on the hallowed turf! According to my brother everyone is guarenteed at least 25 minutes of playing time, they'll start with a line up and the National Anthem -I wonder if they can get a special guest to pretend to be the Duchess of Kent? (Americans note, we save the National Anthem for very special occaisons such as the Cup final, not everyday occurences such as the 7th inning stretch) and the referee will be none other than City's own 'voice of the county' Neil Adams.
I suggested that Tom, as he has paid for all of this should sit in the Director's box with a huge cigar, or speak Russian for the night.
Jealous doesn't even begin to cover it!
Anyway, like whatever, but i bloody well must have pictures so that you, my blog faithful can follow the proceedings.


Listmaker said...

fyi -
nat'l anthem is played before the game, god bless america during the 7th inning stretch.

and i'll bet you don't have a spanish language version of your anthem yet.

u.s. wins again.

Mondale said...

I was merely pointing out that you sing it at every available opportunity. As if $3 for gas isn't reason to love the USA already!

Anonymous said...

AW! is there anyway you can fenagle an invite to it?

Mondale said...

I'm sure I could easily get an invite. It's the 7000 mile roundtrip, midweek timing and $$$$ that prove to be slightly inhibitive!

weasel said...

I had no idea this was even possible. I am both deliriously happy and imesurably sad.