Sunday, June 04, 2006

And then there was lobstah!

As the party wound down the four happy wanderers from the emerald City of the Empire State found the nearest mountain and drove up it.

Cadillac Mountain, a wonderful spot to end an afternoon of wedding style partying.

Youthlarge and Listmaker hold onto each other in the face of a summit breeze.

Frau Random Doubt and myself take in the fresh air (They have a gift shop and bathrooms at the summit, very user friendly).

After driving back down the mountain discussing all of our family's idiosyncracies we had time to do the one thing remaining on our three day Maine tourist checklist... LOBSTER!!!

Frau Random Doubt about to make short work of this one.


weasel said...

Aww look at you two up the mountain, all John and Jackie-like...

Lovely to see you both (and the other two Brooklynites); glad you got to do the touron thing a bit.

Listmaker said...

wow, i look mental in that picture.

Rikki said...

Mr. V.P.:

Excellent midcoastal/downeasterly photos. I just happened-on by way of your recently married friend's blog after realizing I'm not the only Rockland person who's discovered this fine time-waster.

Anyway, here are a few other scenic area photos I've recently posted, if you are so interested.