Monday, June 19, 2006

Book learning #13 and a half.

I saw the Da Vinci Code yesterday. It beat the crap out of reading it.
It was great, The movie theater was cool and dark and the seats were comfy. Just the place to nap on a humid New York afternoon.
I ate a hot dog and a gallon of Soda. Frau Random Doubt ate nachos and Sprite. Are we off diet or what? We'll go to hell for that!
Except we wont, you see the movie told us that everything we've ever believed was wrong and that God was in fact French.
French indeed?


weasel said...

If god is French is explains why he is such a capricious bastard. Plagues of locusts? Dieu, tu est un arsehole.

And does that make the devil a Walloon Belgian? That explains a lot.

Norfolk Dumpling said...

Sadly (or not), a touch of the divine is clearly lacking in the French team at the moment.