Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Italy v Australia.

I was getting nosebleeds from having to support Australia. Nosebleeds and headaches, sleepless nights and strange sweats. Whilst I can't stand the Italian team (Just ask my Dad) I'm pleased that now I can concentrate all my energies on the Ecuador-busters.


Clokeeeey! said...

Hey, Thanks for the support. I was getting the sleepless nights thing too, but only due to the hours of play we had to endure. 1am kick off last night, it was tough and I'm suffering now at work. It's almost lunch time. Time for a George Costanza nap under the desk.

PS: We were crucified!!!!

Now I can concentrate on my AFL team - Go Pies.

Mondale said...

Ahh, unlucky Blue!
I would have loved to see your Socceroos beat the Ities. But there we go. Come on England!

Vigilante said...

England looks very sloppy after the first half.