Friday, June 16, 2006

Soca Warriors

First, let's get the emotions out of the way. A 2-0 scoreline does little to impress the outrageous nervousness of the situation. When the first of those goals is scored in the 83rd minute and, if it were not for Mr Terry of Chelsea, would have drawn the game.
Holy mother of God.
Shitting crikey.
Crazy Heck.

Now for the good bit. I watched the game in Sugarcane, a Trinidadian restaurant on Flatbush Avenue. Being 6'5 and coming straight from school's closing ceremonies I was the English guy in the jacket and tie. Nice.
Luckily a few of Listmaker's friends had grabbed a table near the big TV at the back. Drinks and the best damn chicken ever.
200 Trinidadians and their friends singing and banging every kind of drum and whistling whistles, a dance party at half time (nice touch) and me.
Me, occaisonally shouting out "COME ON ENGLAND!" We really need some funkier songs.
I managed to succeed on several fronts.
I managed to come away with a victory.
The old lady whispering friendly death threats turned out to be an empty vessel.
Best of all, I managed to do 'The Crouch'.
I did 'The Crouch' in front of 200 Trinidadians and some of their friends.


Anonymous said...

We were sooo close to having that much fun if the luncheon hadnt gone over.
Despite the funeral like atmsophere at the bar where i saw the game I think I can seriously get into soccer.When's the next game?

Mondale said...

Right now, and then another, and another and another until July 9.

bri said...

I am glad to hear you are still alive. From listo's description of your state by 6pm, I was concerned. Just another reason I disapprove of sport.

weasel said...

Come on Bri, there's even a team called The Quakers. One of us will have to get you a shirt next time we are in England...

Mondale said...

Was it 6pm?
Was there a bus involved?
Did I make it to the Park?
All I know is that this morning I had all my personal belongings yet had lost a big chunk of memory.

ms.bri said...

Hm. I would like to have such a shirt. But only if it is a proper shirt and not one of those sportish mesh or polyester-ish things.

By no means does this signal any shift in my anti-sport attitude.