Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Do I look nervous?

We should beat them, The are a tiny island in the sun drenched Carribean. We should beat them, right?

If it's going to be so easy why am I so nervous?

Must stick to normal routine. I'll swim in the morning, I did that on Saturday, we won on Saturday.

I really tried to shake it off but the old World Cup nerves are back. I'll need friends and beer to help me through tomorrow.


weasel said...

Do every ritual in the exact right order, or I will know and blame you.

Wisdom "Playing Holst's Jupiter-Hanging all my comemorative scarves-wearing my England home shirt-shouting 'Lineker, Lineker, Lineker' with increasing volume-not sitting down for the first half- so we will win" Weasel.

Mondale said...

I just spoke to the Silver Fox, it's his birthday (exactly the same age as Paul McCartney, pop trivia fans).
He was at work, he was very very sanguine about it all.
"I think they'll win 3 or 4 nil. Trinidad have had their day".
I just hope I can be as relaxed about all this. I guess when you're his age (Happy 64th Dad) you've pretty much seen it all (Uhh, 1966 reference).

weasel said...

All I have to say to your dad is that confidence against minnows is all well and good but let us not forget Mr. Gaetjens, who popped up for the USA in the 38th minute on June 29, 1950....

Of course, I know we are going to win but it is more fun to be a bit jelly kneed.

Mondale said...

The 1950 World Cup. Not long after my Dad's 8th birthday. He's 64 you know.