Friday, June 16, 2006

Book learning #13.

Fun Home by Alison Bechdel.

One wouldn't nessecarily put the following into the same space as entertainment.

Closetted gay dad who picks up teens.
Emerging Lesbian.
Funeral home.
Rural Pennsylvania.
Empty marriage.
Fatal road accident.

But entertaining it was, amusing yet thoughtful. This graphic novel has what you want, if what you want is other people's sexual complexities and death.
The storyline is a bio of the author's father. It's intertwined with her own childhood (he died when she was in college) and sexuality. The interesting bit is the generational thing, her father could have come out in the 50's but didn't. He remained closetted, married, had a family etc. He admits that his actions have, well, had repercussions. His admission (but not his outing, he never actually comes out, it's fascinating) runs parallel with his daughter's coming out twenty five years later.

It's a great read.


weasel said...

And a fathers day pick too!

Anonymous said...

Graphic Novel as in comic book or the novel/book is graphic?

I'm intrigued

bri said...

Do you own it? Can I borrow it? I used to read every single volume of Dykes to Watch Out For. Wes interviewed her back when he was editor in chief of the NYC lesbian weekly that no longer exists. I'd love to read this!

Mondale said...

I'l bring it in on Monday. Is your chum Norris able to do some World Cup lunch on Monday?

Mondale said...

Graphic Novel as in 'comic book format'