Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Reply all.

When friends of friends of friends of friends hit "reply all" aren't you just tempted to reply "WHO ARE YOU?"


Marc said...

In my early days, I was often tempted to try to figure out which of those friends of friends were single women and reply to them. I've since ceased that sort of behavior.

weasel said...

Oh the irony.... I've manage to accumulate piles of messages from some of your Brooklyn pals whenever you kindly include me on your party invite mass mails.

It can be like a really boring soap opera, though. Not bad, not bad.

Listmaker said...

mondale, i know what you mean. every single time you send out a group e-mail, my inbox is flooded with messages from your peeps., i love you!

mactechwitch said...

Mondale kindly fix the link from your blog to that of unwellness. It creates a kink in my routine and I'm sure you wouldn't want that.
You've got an extra / at the end of her url.

Talk to you Monday or Tuesday about your FNAF presentation.

Debbie said...

I noticed that as well. I have a routine too and I have been obliged to go back to my blog to link to Unwellness.
Very inconvenient

Mondale said...

Sorry, consider it fixed. I just needed IT support to confirm the problem.