Monday, March 13, 2006

Book learning #6

Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris.

After a meaty read through the pestilential days of the Black Death I decided to go for some one stop, guarenteed humour.
I got it. I tore through this in about 3 days just like I knew I would. I got the jokes and the wit, I laughed out loud a few times, including once on an LIRR train. Everyone knew what I was laughing about and no one minded.

I have always enjoyed his work, I just think he's funnier when he's telling his stuff. I just prefer to listen to him.
Of course I would recommend this, Of course I would pass this along, The way he describes North Carolina as a third rate instituion still pisses me up. But I just wanted something more.


Debbie said...

I've picked up this book a couple of times in B&N and put it back. shoulda picked it up huh?

Mondale said...

It's definately funny, no doubt about it.

weasel said...

Ahh*, the gay Bill Bryson, love his stuff. I agree with you about Sedaris reading his stuff vs. seeing it in book form- there is something about the dry, camp cadence that makes his comedy much more arch than when ploughboys like us lumber through it on the page.

Sarah Vowell however is much better silently absorbed in print. Have you read Partly Cloudy Patriot? She's even more obsessed with presidents than you are.

(*I have decided to open every written and spoken statement with a Robert Robinson "ahh").

youthlarge said...

i would suggest holidays on ice as a good first foray into sedaris.