Sunday, March 19, 2006

Nu Shooz.

I just purchased a spanking new pair of New Balance 766 running shoes. My brother had recommended them a while ago. I went to Paragon Sports and had my traditional argument with the old guy who sells shoes. It normally goes something like this...

OLD GUY WHO SELLS SHOES " Listen son, i know what I'm talking about and you know fuck all, you jumped up little shit."ME " Has anyone ever told you that you are a complete and utter miserable bastard who inspires nothing but fear and loathing. When I tell you that my current pair of shoes are a size 13 you have to believe me. I am not lying, although if I were to lie to anyone I would certainly lie to you, all the time, just to piss you off."

Anyway, I got the shoes I wanted and this morning I set out over the bridges, The ususal jaunt except this morning it was a pure joy! I ran further, more comfortably and in a better pace and frame of mind than I had in ages.
There we go, and remember, if you are tall, overpronating and running between 3 and 6 miles twice a week I would recommend them.

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weasel said...

"overpronating"; thank you for this word. I thought you had made it up but upon further research I found out a) it is real and b) it is wicked arcane; just the kind of terminology I love. I'm going to spend the week trying to find uses for it.

Second; awfully glad you choose to support New Balance, as they are one of the last major shoe manufacturers to make at least part of their line in unionized American factories (one being up here in Maine).