Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Mother nature's masterpiece.

Friendship is a marvellous thing. I love nothing more than having people over and strolling about the city with them, catching up, chatting idly, having a beer or two and checking out the odd sight.

That's why it was a true joy to catch up with 'Gus' on Monday. We did all of the above (while his girlfriend shopped) but best of all we went to the new viewing deck on top of The Rockefeller Center. I'll let the pictures tell the story but I should add the following.

The price was great, only $14. No lines. Loads of space. The glass barriers erase that 'caged in' sensation you get at the Empire State Building. Oh, you get an amazing view of the Empire State Building!

Despite the fact it's a touch shorter than NYC's premier viewing spot you're still 70 stories up for chrissakes?
Also, the view of The Chrysler Building is crap, but this one is still definately worth your money.

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