Wednesday, March 08, 2006


It's exhausting all this, being alive nonsense.
This week I am out everynight doing something or other and I have had to spend early mornings avoiding middle aged lady bus stop stalker.
She is one of those super chatty/hyper annoying types one bumps into by accident at bus stops. I guess I have an approachable demeanor but not at 7.30am. I guess at some point in the past month I caught her eye as a target.
I have had to change my bus catching habits in order to avoid her conversations. This morning she caught me at the next bus stop (she was on the bus when I got on a block away. She gave me an excellent death stare). I imagine she will try and talk to me about why I moved stops. I wait for that day!
It's just that I have absolutely no wish to talk to anyone at that time of day. My job involves being pretty nice to people, I am, in general a fairly pleasant person, I just will not tolerate people who abuse that. I know, she's probably lonely, her own kids probably live out of town or don't visit enough (or both). Perhaps there's a reason for that? Perhaps it has something to do with forced jolliness in the pre dawn hours.
I mean, I don't even talk to Dave the Bus that often. There are mornings when we chat up a storm , there are the other mornings when we say NOTHING to each other (and we know each other, work together, drink beer together and our wives are friends, still doesn't mean we have to be jolly at 0730 hours).
There, got that off my chest.

Tonight I make pilgrimage to the Bowery Ballroom to check out 'The Wedding Present'. It's been a good 15 years since I last caught site of Leed's premier Indie rockers. I used to go and see them every time they were in the east of England. I must have seen them about 6 times. I realise how middle class I've become when I caught their ad in 'The New Yorker' last night and said "Gosh, the Weddoes are in town, I'll go after work and groove with the youngsters". Of course it'll be full of old indie kids like myself. Am I still an Indie kid? What should I call myself if I'm not? I'm not even bothered if they are shit (I am fairly sure that they will hold up OK) as it's only cost $16.

Where there is a deadline there is non work related internet fun to be had. I found this little gem today. It's very basic and has it's flaws, the major one being it's Australian based, but it's also got me ridiculously hooked. I can't do links but you should try to google it anyway. It's a cricket game. If you don't like cricket or are an American just don't stress, move on.

School auction on Saturday night. Just checked with a few of the usual suspects. I shall be attending in order to reach a sustainable yet comprehensive state of drunkeness. I shall schmooze with parents I like and avoid those I don't like and the rest of the time gossip with coworkers. Well, that's the plan anyway.

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weasel said...

You are what is known in my family as a "cabbage magnet": namely all the loonies want to talk to you.