Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I may have invented a new sport.

And I can call it a sport because it involves physical excercise and running shoes. If I thought hard enough I could even invent some more rules and a scoring system. But for now allow me to give you the basic premise.

You have to run through a crowd of people without touching any of them.

This morning I did the bridges and as I was running through the courthouse bit between Chinatown and City Hall I encountered a gazillion lawyers (count them!) all on their way to work at their high falutin legal cases. I initally tried to avoid them by running in the road but that involved an increased risk of car related injury or possibly death.
I ran through the crowds, shimmying this way and that, like some mad hopscotch game. It was fantastic! I tried to avoid them whilst not losing my pace, they skirted around me whilst making cell calls and trying to drink coffee!
My, didn't we all have fun?

A couple of pointers for anyone trying this.
The smell of coffee on an empty stomach at 9am is a cruel, sweet thing.
Don't try to hustle the cops, they get edgy and they have guns.


weasel said...

That's not a sport. That's OCD.

Debbie said...

That is soooo OCD!
But who says OCD can't be fun?

mas said...

I know that spot near City Hall well - the barricades and construction help to make it even more like a human pinball machine.