Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Book learning #7

The Partly Cloudy Patriot by Sarah Vowell.

I quote Weasel from Book Learning #6

"Sarah Vowell however is much better silently absorbed in print. Have you read Partly Cloudy Patriot? She's even more obsessed with presidents than you are."

He's right really isn't he?

That's why I loved this book. I could go on about selecting spectacles in order to look as much like LBJ as possible but that would be all about me. This is supposed to be all about how much I enjoyed reading this highly amusing selection of essays.
I'll admit that as far as I'm concerned she was completely preaching to the choir. When she writes about patriotism I agree with almost every word. When she writes about Al Gore, Gotta tell you, I was only just thinking the very same thing.
When she writes about sibling bizarro world, you guessed it, yep, me too.

All the same, despite a strong sensation of "dammit! Why didnt I get off my arse and write this book myself?!?" I couldont put the bloody thing down. Guess I was lucky I had a week off in order to read it very slowly and chuckle alot, that way I got full mileage. I say this to all of you of a geeky, political junky bent "Buy this book now!"

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