Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Visitors from the east.

My Sister and her family are in town, here are some of the latest pictures...

Jetlagged, tired and blasted by the early spring sunshine, Niece Ella and Brother in law Matt traverse the East River via the Roebling's masterpiece of engineering.

Lunch at 'Mars 2112'. Ella was delighted by the alien themed restaurant, Her brother Alex was less impressed, he recruited his mum and non alien waiting staff to instruct the aliens to stay the heck away from him!

Atop the Rockefeller Center.

Young Alex has a thing about aircraft. Here he is delivering a lecture to another kid on board the USS Intrepid.

1 comment:

weasel said...

While you have mastered the art of the ballcap your dear sibling has a way to go (Simon seemed to get the hang of it fairly easily, I remember).

She doesn't change, does she?