Tuesday, April 25, 2006

"Gert Lush"

The English language is, believe it or not, a thing of beauty.
Ever evolving, twisting and changing, it varies from town to town, family to family, region to region, etc etc, yadayadayadaa.
There are words that float in and out of one's everyday usage, expressions ebb, like a friendly tide of parlance through the roundabout of fashion.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to (re)introduce to you the quite marvellous expression "Gert Lush".

Gert Lush originates from the west of England, The WestCountry. That cluster of counties 100 miles due west of London's western boundaries, nestled below Wales.
Gert Lush, roughly translated, means 'great big' . It can also mean 'blooming marvellous' , 'bloody wonderful', or just about anything 'fantastic' and 'great' and 'right now thankyou very much!'
I think it's time that 'Gert Lush' made it's way across the Atlantic and became common parlance in Brooklyn and beyond.
Thankyou for listening.


Anonymous said...

This is a gert lush post.
Did I use it right?

Mondale said...

You did indeed.
One of my favourite usages was 'The Gert Lush Sarnie Co.'
This was a guy with a basket selling delicious sandwiches.

weasel said...

I like this, and am amazed that I have never heard it before. It even excuses the annoying use of the word or abbreviation "company/co." designed to create a deliberately anachronistic feel by the sandwich basket bloke. Did he do a tuna and sweetcorn? I like those.

Book suggestion then: Talking for Britain. Its right up your alley.

country mouse said...

I heard a new one yesterday, "toodle pip". Gert Lush... makes me feel like I might "bung" up. Yes!

Wes said...

This new phrase will definitely make Brooklyn gert lush. Can I say that?
And I also like it as an adjective for Gertie the Chihuahua, like, "What a gert lush Gertie the chihuahua I have."

cheers drive! said...

when i went down brooklyn, i thought it wuz gert lush! Cheers me babber!