Saturday, April 29, 2006


I can't begin to understand the universe, and the deeds of men often cause despair.
But i can still get such simple delight from seeing the wind blow through the trees, and the waves at the beach give me such profound joy.
Today is one of those days.


Anonymous said...

I know waht you mean:)

weasel said...

You didn't break anyone's kite while at the beach, did you?

Where were you? Long Island? Sounds nice, old pal.

Mondale said...

Just Brooklyn and Manhattan actually, just being all wistful.

weasel said...

So this is one of your "The random doubts of Walter Munchausen" posts, then? Bummer. I was hoping you had been to the beach.

I wasn't at the beach either. But I take solace in knowing I could have been.