Friday, February 24, 2006

Third Grade moments.

Just some notable moments from the day so far.

'Kid with too much hair for a boy' does his current event piece about the start of spring training.
This very quickly turns into a moving tribute to the New York Mets. He rails against the injustices wrought upon the common man by the Steinbrenner regime, He takes us back to the carefree, relaxed days of the mid 1960s when his dad started going to Shea Stadium. He speaks in clouded tones of the love he once felt for Johnny Damon and how that love did die. He had the class in the palm of his hands. I felt as if I had been present at the Gettysburg address or Neil Kinnock's 1983 election speech "Do not grow old...."

'Button collecting kid' brought in a small selection of his buttons and talked me through them. It was a geeky moment but worth the trouble.

'Half French Canadian kid' admitted that he is never forced to speak French, not even at his grandparent's house. He does speak French, of his own free will at French camp in the summer.

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