Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Stones.

What's the reasonable limit?
How much should I put up with before I smash someone's head in with a bag of frozen peas?
Woman at checkout: "Did you watch the superbowl?"
Me: "Yes" whilst thinking what a completely dull waste of time the game had been.
WAC: " What about the Rolling Stones? They were great!"
Me: You just answered your own question love, do you really give a shit about my opinion? "Yeah, umm".
WAC: "I just love that Mick Jagger, he's so amazing, he's still got it"
Me: You are fucking joking? Tell me this isn't true? "They are really, really old".
WAC "And Charlie Watts, he's nearly seventy you know"
Me: Yes I fucking know, but what I don't know is why they persist in poncing around when there are 46 million superior acts that could have been chosen for the half time show (or any fucking show for that matter) "Um, Yeah".
WAC: "And Mick Jagger is a knight".
Me: C*nt more like. "Um. Yeah. Bye"


bri said...

heh heh. funny.

Clokeeeey! said...

I think the appropriate time for the "smack on the head" was just after "Did".

weasel said...

You should have said, "Ahh good old Sir Mick. He f***ed Marianne Faithfull with a Mars Bar once, you know."