Monday, February 20, 2006


Waiting for the men to come and take away our old, dead washing machine and replace it with shiny new washing machine and drying machine. The huge pile of laundry will be erased. The apartment will no longer reverberate to the insane rattling of the spin cycle , it truly was a death rattle.
It's a beautiful day outside, Frau Random Doubt enjoys the luxury of a sleep in, "I'll wake you when they arrive" I assured her. We anticipate the gentle swoosh noise of brand new 'Whirlpool' appliances and a new found choice of clothes.

I sit here, waiting.
I listen to Billy Bragg.
I dream about sailing and walks in the Norfolk countryside.
I wonder upon a number of old friends, Henry, Nik, Dave, Shelley.
Listening for every vehicle that passes on the street outside.

I have prepared a healthy tip. I used to deliver such items myself and know the work involved. When I reach the green hills and sandy beaches of the afterlife I will be greeted in part by the souls of kitchen/bathroom appliance delivery men. I should like a kind welcome.

Well, the next time you see me I should be wearing clean clothes.


Debbie said...

I like shiny new appliances
Take pic
Iwanna see

Mondale said...

It's actually quite unnerving having such a silent servant. The old one made such a racket!