Sunday, February 05, 2006

If you want my bocce.

In English schools there exists a tradition where the members of the school team read their own match reports in assembly. The duty of writing the match report is shared by all team members in a rota system. In the assembly following a school football match the Headmaster will call upon the team captain to read the report to the rest of the school.

"If You Want My Bocce verses Team Odin. The members present were, Dan, Mitch, Mike, Jim, David, Beth, Alex and Glen. We played Team Odin and we beat them 2-0. The first game was very tight with some good bowling all round. Special mentions must go to Mitch , Glen and Beth who were able to secure a 7-6 victory.
In the next game Dan, Mike, Jim and David won a more comfortable victory. I can't quite remember the whole score because I was relaxing after playing in the first game and was chatting to Balgavy and Mitch quite a lot."

Notable moments.

Mitch and I realise that we really like sitting at the garden end of the Bocce court. It has super leatherette armchairs and a fantastic view of the action.

The opposition were a curious bunch, mainly distinguished by their reckless approach to the class system.

Beth managed a champagne moment when she smashed the rich kid's ball out of the way and secured a vital point for IYWMB. I have rarely been so proud of her.

I have decided to adopt a 'mean and moody' persona on the bocce court. This will confuse the opposition somewhat when they see me chatting in a friendly manner to a nearby teammate.

I love the fact that the English Premier League is on the big screen at the same time.

Balgavy said that I should write this up because then I wont spend all my time writing about Presidents.

Next week we take on our rivals, Coffee flats tremors.


Marc said...

Luckily, we know you're not mean. Don't count on CFT being intimidated.

mooney said...

tremors? Was that a mistake? Your wife is amazing on teh court, wish i could say the ame about your play.