Friday, February 24, 2006

View from my classroom window.

I've always through this was a rather marvellous view. The picture doesn't do it any justice but there you go. The large building in the centre is the old Williamsburg bank building. I used to have a dentist on the 20th floor overlooking the harbour.
To it's right (and hardly visible with the naked eye let aline this picture) is the Chrysler building, just a small lump , some miles away in Manhattan.
To the Left of the Williamsburg tower is the Empire State building, taller than the Chrysler and closer thus, slightly visible.
It makes more sense if you click on the picture to enlarge it.


weasel said...

That's what I like about Brooklyn; get up high enough and you can orient yourself. The view is almost the same as the one from your apartment building roof, minus the fab vistas of the Statue of Liberty.

Way cool, btw.

Wes said...

Awesome. That must be one of the best views in Bklyn.