Friday, February 03, 2006

My Johnsonian direction

(Or why I care not that Robert Kennedy Jnr is a mere twenty yards away).
Those who know me well know that when faced with a problem I think to myself "What would Lyndon do?"
Therefore the fact that another teacher (upon whom I shower neither favour nor affection) has the son of the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy in his room does not bother me.

LBJ hated RFK.
RFK hated LBJ
I've been a solid Johnson man since 1991
Gore Vidal mocks RFK
Someone in this building who just done me wrong was just worshipping at the alter of the Kennedy clan.
My favourite Kennedy is Ted.
RFK helped Joseph McCarthy and Roy Cohn and just wasn't really that nice for much of his life.

But, most importantly,

I've walked past the room he's in FOUR times now and have not had so much as a glimpse.


weasel said...

"My favourite Kennedy is Ted"- this is one of my favorite things you have written/uttered, on a par with you getting yelled at by Mr. Lockwood for claiming George VI was Britain's most popular monarch because your gran liked him.

Debbie said...

That room must attract political figures
Westmoreland and Kennedy

Debbie said...

not the actual Westmoreland of course but you know what I mean